July 2016 - Warrens

Saturday 16th July 2016

Back in Blighty ... back on the stream.

It has been a while since I have updated my blog, in fact it has been a while since I have spent time with the Kingfishers. I spent time in June and July visiting friends in Brazil, for me, the most wonderful country on the plant. Also, the lack of updates was driven by the lack of events at the stream, the summer has been poor.

The failure again to raise a brood of young was a little frustrating, the mating pair eventually going their own separate way. What should of materialised into a busy, hectic time of year, became a bit of a slump.

I head down to the stream at 7.30AM, it's a humid morning, overcast skies, a little wind but warm. The summer this year has yet to happen, the lack of regular, warm, sunny days is of the worst I can remember.

Not sure what to expect from this morning as it has been a few weeks since, I settled back into the hide and waited. 

The first visit came from a Male, it was a juvenile, already turned into a young adult in appearance. Probably a chick from another patch down stream from the early spring, his feet still dark in colour instead of the vivid orange of a mature adult.

He seems relaxed, takes a casual glance over to the hide as he hears the shutter of the camera firing. 

Within a few moments the young mail has been chased off by my regular male. The dominant male coming from down stream and chasing him off, landing on the same perch and flapping his wings and making it known that the youngster is not welcome.

Territory battles are common this time of year, the fledged youngsters trying to establish their own territory, but the adults will not give up an inch of valuable fishing ground.

The regular male looked a little worse with wear since I had seen him last, not quite in the same pristine condition as the younger male that he had just chased away. I can relate to that myself ... as the years creep on !

He is a master hunter though, he takes no time in pulling a couple of fish from the stream and consuming quickly. The younger male keeps flying past to see if the established male has departed, but he remains in place for 45 minutes.

Since the last visit, I have spotted an Otter on the stream also, again hunting around the Kingfisher hide. I have seen the Otter only once but he is here, something I will spend time to investigate further over the next months.

My first visit to the stream is short and sweet, but it is good to see the Kingfishers are here and doing well. I will be back to catch up with them in more detail over the coming weeks again.

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