June 2016 - Warrens

Saturday 4th June 2016

Slow going ...

It's June, but the weather this morning looks and feels more akin to October. I am at the stream early this morning but walking down to the hide I think it is a mistake to be so eager. A grey mist is blanketing the lower fields and the sky shrouded with thick, heavy clouds.

I set up in the hide and wait. I can hear the Kingfishers calling down stream, their distinctive call piercing the tranquility of the stream. 

The first visit this morning is from a female. She perches on a branch by the hide and calls continuously for the male. The male comes in but does not stay, he seems restless, making several fly passes but not settling.

I am hoping that these two will start courting, they seem to be a pair, clearly communicating to each other . It's been a big disappointment not to have chicks on the stream so far this year, especially to come so close and then for it too fall all part.

For what should be an exciting time on the stream with the birds busily raising their chicks, possibly contemplating a second brood, is in fact very sedate. Almost, a little uneventful.

The male comes back in after the female departs and starts to hunt, he doesn't seem to stay around when the female is here, only making quick, noisy fly passes. The male also spends less time here, the visits are less frequent and shorter now he has just himself too look after.

The light is really too poor for photography, and with the visits a little thin, I decide to pack up and head home. I am hoping that over the next week the pair will hopefully bond and possibly breed. But at the moment ... it's just a little slow for my liking.

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