October - Warrens

Autumn arrives ...

It's been a mild October and a kind start to Autumn with lots of dry weather and none of the high winds and sometimes stormy conditions that can arrive in October. The trees are rich in Autumnal colours, and as of the last day of the month, the majority of the leaves are still yet to fall.

The sun sits low in the sky now, and with the demise of British Summer Time, the evenings fall short reducing the only realistic chances of photography to the weekends.

I have already seen flocks of Fieldfare and Redwings sitting high in the trees as I walk to the hide. The banks of the stream quickly change from a lush rich green, to the more mundane browns as the nettles and reeds start to diminish in the cooler weather.

The situation of the Kingfisher(s) remain the same from September, we are still without a female.  The two males are visiting the hide more frequently than before, which leads to many aerial battles and much posturing and alarm calls to claim stake to this part of the stream. I am hoping during the autumn and winter months,  a female will eventually move into the territory to establish a pair.

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