May 2017 - Warrens

A busy month ... for some.

I have had high expectations for the month of May at the stream, but it has been a disappointing month. The garden at home is a thrive of activity with the birds busily feeding their chicks and flying back and forth tirelessly every other minute. Spring is in full flow here.

However the Kingfishers at the stream is a completely different story. I would expect the adult kingfishers to be equally busy and working hard catching fish to feed their ever growing chicks, but they have not been showing up at all at the hide.

In fact I think there are currently no Kingfishers at all on my patch of stream. They have gone. I last saw the male at the very start of May and after many hours of over the weekends and evenings throughout May, no sightings or calls have been seen or heard.

In short, May is has been disastrous. 

My hope is now that this years fledglings from further down stream will eventually claim this patch of stream as their territory. 

Watch this space ... !

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